Uphill Rush 6 Cheats

As with many of the previous Uphill Rush games, Uphill rush 6 has cheats available for you to use, should you need them. Using cheats can become an indispensable tool to complete many levels in the game, if you are having trouble.

Listed below are many of the cheats we have found available for Uphill Rush 6.

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Hack keys:

  • Press “1” key – adds lives
  • Press “2” key – add $10,000
  • Press “3” key – toggle nitro
  • Press “4” key – win the game

Some places on the internet have also hacked into the game to enable automatic cheats right from the start! These cheats include:

  • All items in the Game Shop are unlocked
  • All maps and Cups are unlocked
  • Bonus rounds are unlocked
  • “Race your Friends” event is unlocked
  • No life loss if you crash
  • Perform one stunt to get unlimited nitro (this feature is not available for the “Race Your Friends” event, but it is for all of the Bonus Rounds!)

These cheats are available to make the gaming experience easier for you, and less time consuming. Try one, or all of these cheats in your gaming experience, and see how much they can help you beat each level!


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