Uphill Rush 5

Uphill Rush 5 came out shortly after Uphill Rush 4, but became much more successful in just few weeks. In my opinion the levels in this game are extremely fun, yet challenging – making them very enjoyable. Uphill Rush 5 is a great game and you can play it for free on our website. Uphill Rush is also good for beginners than never played any Uphill Rush game before.

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So, how you play the game? actually, it is really simple. Use the arrow keys to control the car/bike and trt to complete each level very quickly. The time is not limited, but you still have to finish the level first. The other riders are very good, so you really have to do everything professionally in order to win.

>> Click Here To Play Uphill Rush 5 <<


Share Uphill Rush 5 and the other games from the series with your friends – they will enjoy them very much. Also, visit our website again, we add here new Uphill Rush games every few weeks. As soon as a new Uphill Rush game is released – we upload and post it here, so you won’t have to look for it !

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