Uphill Rush 3

Uphill Rush 3 is a very fun and challenging game that many people got hooked to. I personally think it is one of the best Uphill Rush games online. The levels are very interesting, and this time – they are really challenging.  This game is definetly not for beginners. If you never played these games in the past, I recommend starting with Uphill Rush 1 instead of this one.

After the game loads, click “How To Play” to get cool tips and learn how to preform cool tricks.

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Your goal in this game is fairly easy – complete each level quickly using your bike. There are some hard obstacles – but I am sure you will overcome them in minutes. If you liked Uphill Rush 3. make sure to share it with your best friends. Send them the game and see who gets the best score. And.. don’t be angry if they complete the levels faster than you – it happens !

>>Click Here To Play Uphill Rush 3 <<



Feel free to also play the previous Uphill Rush games – they are a little bit easier by the way.

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